Why You Should Choose Treasure Raw Hair



We think that if you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a product, you should be given a. The following are some of the reasons why you should go with Treasure Hair:

  1. Manufacturer and distributor. We don’t source from third party vendors so you have a more flexible ordering experience. We can custom make anything to your liking. WE ARE THE SOURCE.


  1. We source our hair at South Indian Temples, and it’s ethically sourced: where you want your hair to be from is important. It is eco-friendly, and you know exactly where it’s coming from. We Also offer the longest length of raw hair in the USA, up to 54 inches.So, why shouldn't you put treasure raw hair products in your shopping cart?


  1. We offer an extensive variety of purely Raw and Organic textures, shades, and lengths making it possible to look how you want to, this means you can select the type of hair extensions that suits your needs: Angel fluffy curly, brown, kinky coily, natural straight, wavy or lightest of brown. it doesn't matter which textures, shades, lengths, or shades you prefer TREASURE RAW HAIR HAS IT BECAUSE WE SOURCE SO MUCH HAIR SCALPS FROM THE TEMPLES.


  1. We offer the purest raw Indian hair in the USA as we guarantee the exclusive premium Indian hair that you will be seeing deeply moisturized and free of chemicals. Our hair is awesome


  1. We guarantee our hair will last years with proper maintenance: No fake hair dyes or epoxy clay to destroy your hair over time, just nourishing water, quality cowash, and conditioning treatments


  1. We have the most compassionate customer service reps as our team is so friendly and accommodating.


  1. We offer FedEx , DHL and UPS shipping to you free: everywhere in the united states.


  1. We offer the best lace products on the market. Our lace fronts and closures are made with HD/ transparent lace. Meaning it is durable enough for multiple wears but transparent enough to be undetectable. That means you can adjust the tone of the lace to your preferred shade.


  1. Offering the most extensive options for closures 4x4 to 7x7 all textures and 12x4 to 13x8 all textures. Whether you have just recently discovered the art of your hair, or you’re a veteran in the field, treasure raw hair offers the widest variety of textures, all from one comprehensive company.


  1. We hand stitch all lace products for the most natural and realistic look. we use quality lace that you can feel, by using this, you will be protected from any damages, our best idea was to stitch the hair close together single strand, yet be long, and sleek and use a high-quality thread, which is very strong with the full control of quality materials, we can achieve the best finish possible. You will have a bold and unique look.


  1. Treasure raw hairs have no component issues at all. All hair is cuticle intact, hair follicle aligned (no broken or damaged hair follicles), no steam ,no chamber drying (unlike most manufacturers processes), no processing of any kind. Treasure raw hairs have the strongest, most personal type of hair nature ever at any company in the United States


  1. You will be continually amazed by the quality of our products: you will fall in love with the treasure raw hair products you receive, we do have the best of the best

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