Treasure Raw Hair

Indian Deepwave Beaded Wefts

$160.00 USD

Our Raw Indian Deepwavy has more refined curls and is slightly denser than its Siblings Wavy. Our Deepwave is medium Luster and is the Purest Raw Deepwavy hair. And now is available in Beaded wefts. With precision we place beads 5cm apart for a secure fit. We have one of the fluffiest, softest, Wavest deepwavy Raw Indian hair on the Market!!! Yes ladies, our Superior Raw Temple hair comes naturally curly wavy, to Rare coarse Deepwavy to give you that Bountifully Bold, Beautiful but Natural Goddess look. Treasure Raw hair Deepwave Indian though range organically from silky curly to very silky curly. This beautiful texture is VERY RARE, but we offer it here at Treasure Raw Hair in limited quantities.  Our hair goes through a lengthy screening process to make sure hair has not been chemically altered, donor has not previously dyed hair, and bouncy curls are healthy, and cuticle is intact. Please note our Indian Deepwave is measured while stretched.

  • Beads placed 5cm apart for secure fit
  • 100% organic and unprocessed Truly Raw
  • 100 grams =3.5oz
  • Density- hair is less dense than Cambodian, light with tight Waves
  • Luster- Medium
  • Similar to having a refined natural Wavy Curls
  • Color- Naturally, dark brown to Onyx black shading
  • The feel Mimic type 2/3 hair textures 
  • Blends well with any hair texture
  • Extreme softness but strong Raw Hair
  • Will revert to curl if water is applied.
  •  Treasure Raw Hair is Perfect for GIFTING.
  • Can be worn year round
  • Hair is cleansed in organic Botanical Herbal Bath before being sent to you
  • Sun dried Raw Hair never in heating chambers
  • Moisture level- 000 (condition 3 times a week) for best results
  • Can be bleached, dyed, colored, and permed
  • With proper care will last up to 3 years or more
  • Elegant and beautiful Organically flowing waves
  • Single donor hair only
  • Selection is for 1 bundle of hair

Note: Treasure Raw Deepwave Temple hair though remarkable requires care and attention. It is important that you treat this texture like you would Deepwave hair growing out of your scalp. It requires a little more maintenance than other textures but At Treasure Raw hair we guarantee Treasure Raw Hair stands on full transparency and integrity making us the brand you can Trust in beauty industry. Because of its raw natural just like your hair it requires moisture and conditioning to maintain optimal results. For more information about anything related to our company policy, Processing, and Hair Specifics please check out our FAQ tab.


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